This a network for those who wish to address homelessness, poverty, unemployment, and social exclusion in the Rochester, NY area and its immediate vicinity. This project aims to be directed as much by the general population as by institutions and agencies. I'd like to invite as many parties as possible to contribute, as I'm hoping this will be an accessible means for those who need services to come to these pages and obtain real information on those services, and give feedback on their experiences.

Introduction Edit

The Community as the Solution

Homelessness is a set of community problems, primarily felt by individuals

Homelessness and MythsEdit

There are a great many myths about homelessness, which I'd like to see replaced with real knowledge. I doubt that anyone chooses to be homeless, any more than anyone chooses to be unemployed, lacking in employment skills, uneducated in an impoverished school district, or otherwise experiencing social exclusion and poverty. 

Here are some resources with which to begin a larger discussion:

Wikipedia:Homelessness in the United States
Wikipedia:Social exclusion
Wikipedia:Social rejection

Community Map Edit

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Click the links below to find out more about different types of resources available in Rochester:

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Food and Meals

Medical and Dental Services

Clothing and Hygiene

Additional Resources:Edit

211 Lifeline: Edit

This resource was added up front because it is a very comprehensive list of resources for the following counties: Monroe, Wayne, Ontario, Livingston, Cayuga and Seneca. It runs a 24/7 crisis hotline that can be accessed by calling 211. Additionally, they have resources listed on their website at

Library Resource Outreach CenterEdit

This is all I can find in a Google search so far:
library resource outreach center,%202014.pdf

Central Library of Rochester and Monroe CountyEdit

A guide to local food cupboards from the Central Library.
A guide to local soup kitchens and shelters from the Central Library.
A guide to special Thanksgiving and Christmas events and opportunities to donate or volunteer, from the Central Library.

Direct Contact on the Web Edit

This is an incomplete list of shelters and other organizations with websites available. (I've found that I may have to create an internal page for each organization mentioned. In the meantime, adding links here may or may not be a wasted effort. It's your right to help decide this issue, before I and others screw it up on you. Put your two cents in now! P:D)

Alternatives for Battered Women
Asbury First United Methodist Church
Baber AME Church
Baden Street Settlement, Inc.
Blessed Sacrament and Saint Boniface Parishes
Cameron Community Ministries
Catholic Family Center

Education and Employment Edit

Operation Transformation Rochester

Civic Improvement Edit

Office of Innovation and Strategic Initiatives

Latest activityEdit

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