Why Another Website? Edit

I'd like this Wikia to be different, in that we could address not just the immediacy of homelessness, but other community issues as well, which are still related. While directly addressing the needs of the homeless and those at risk of being homeless is very important and urgent, there seems to be an increasing focus on the need to address the causes of poverty and homelessness. In addition, the unnecessary social stigmas that make recovering one's place in society all the more difficult, is increasingly being acknowledged. These points can be addressed by our community as a whole in a more public way here, and hopefully constructive input from a variety of sources may help resolve problems that are more difficult to address by a more limited number or set of parties.

I'd also like to provide the bigger picture of just how many organizations there are, how each proceeds in addressing these problems, and just how anyone in the community can help make a difference. Such a larger overview also helps in reducing duplication of effort (where the additional efforts are simply competitive rather than collaborative) and point out areas that receive little attention, but make a critical part of the larger effort.

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There are a variety of websites which address homelessness in Rochester, so I thought I'd start creating a list of them here, as they may be helpful in sorting things out.

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"Rochester NY network homeless"

"Rochester NY homeless" Edit

"Rochester NY homeless"

So you can see just how much is being done!